08/12/2002 - MasterCarpenter 2.0 released.

09/16/2002 - MasterCarpenter: Updated framing tools to include header and sill specification in rough openings.

09/20/2002 - MasterCarpenter: Updated framework to prevent application hang in project summary. Run update to patch the bug.

09/23/2002 - MasterCarpenter: Added new floor framing tool. Run update to download.

01/19/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Added full metric support for all tools. Improved web generator image quality.

01/22/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Added Secant and Cosecant functions to the Worksheet tool.

01/29/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Added a new tool for creating invoices. Run "Update" to download and install.

01/29/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Added a new tool for cost estimating. Run "Update" to download and install.

01/30/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Upgraded Window Trim tool to handle corner rake, n-sided, parallelogram, two corner rake and triangular windows.

02/04/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Upgraded Rake Wall and Gable Wall tools to optionally calculate the right header height to follow the roof slope.

02/20/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Added a new construction glossary tool with over 1100 carpentry terms and definitions.

09/18/2003 - MasterCarpenter: Updated Window Trim, Square Corners, Invoice, Estimate and Quick Calculator to fix application error when saving files.

09/29/2004 - MasterCarpenter: Updated Common Rafter and Hip Rafter tools to fix a broken link in the documentation.

01/20/2005 - MasterCarpenter: Added free foot/inch calculator for PocketPC.

05/10/2007 - MasterCarpenter: Fixed a server side error which prevented the MasterCarpenter 'Update' utility from functioning properly.

05/16/2007 - Image Explorer: Added trial downloads. This is now the full unlocked version.